United currently manufactures three centrifuges for differing applications and industries where the separation of solids and liquids is required. In the rendering industry, United has been selected as the centrifuge supplier of choice by industry leaders like Alberta Processing, Northern Alberta Processing, Saskatoon Processing and West Coast Reductions… due to our ability to meet customer specifications for removing undesirable solids, commonly known in the industry as Moisture Insoluble Unsuponafiable Units in residual fat. Across the industry United’s centrifuges are used for rendering processes that include beef, chicken, pork, fish, chicken feathers and specialty processes such as the development of blood meal for fertilizer.

Although they can be custom manufactured with any customer specified material to suit the purpose, United’s centrifuges for rendering are generally manufactured from 304L stainless steel with high wear areas on the case plated to 1/2" thickness and hard surfaced for extra durability. They are built to last within the corrosive rendering environment only requiring service every 2 ½ years on average.

The Company has been supplying services to the rendering industry for the past 15 years and has incorporated the kind of features that make our centrifuge products particularly ideal for that purpose.