Municipal Lagoon Waste

Waste and wastewater have become an issue across the country as business and urban centres cope with volumes created by industrial processes and urban growth. However, in response to the issue, renewable energy projects that utilize waste are providing benefits that provide a return solution.

Stored in sumps, settling ponds or lagoons, collection sites are commonly used in municipalities and a variety of industries as one form of waste and wastewater management. But lagoon capacities can become diminished over time through solids accumulation. These solids can be removed by centrifuging and dried to a level where transportation becomes less expensive. This is an important cost consideration for renewable energy projects that are pelletizing or converting the biomass to feed stocks for power generation.

In smaller facilities where fine solids are entrained in liquids, the goal has been to thicken the sludge with environmentally friendly additives in order to extract the finer solids and the end result allows the hauling of more solids which positively affects transportation costs.

United’s centrifuges have been selected for their ease of operation, rugged reliability in the field and superior performance in creating a drier end result to the separation process.