Applications Overview

United’s centrifuge products are very quickly becoming the first choice among those industries where the extraction, management, control and separation of solids from liquids is a requirement for their processes or finished products.

United has proven through their technologies that their centrifuges have the ability to produce superior results, simplify operations and potentially save money through the decrease in maintenance.

United’s centrifuges are rugged, reliable and made to withstand any harsh working environment or the processing of corrosive materials. 

As such, they are ideal for applications in areas such as:

  • Municipal Lagoon Waste
  • Rendering
  • Blood Meal
  • Agricultural Biomass
  • Forestry Biomass
  • Bio-Fuels
  • Tunnelling and Trenchless Drilling
  • Food Processing
  • Dewatering

Our centrifuges deliver high speed, high volume and an end result that is superior to anything else on the market. They are 100% Canadian made by skilled craftsmen.