Innovators in Industrial Centrifuge Applications

United Centrifuges specializes in high speed / high volume decanting centrifuges for the extraction, management, control and separation of solids from liquids.

Its business focus is those industries that pertain to Rendering, the creation of Blood Meal, Agricultural and Forestry Biomass, Municipal Lagoon Waste and Biomass Management, Pulp and Paper effluent and all other applications.

Its product sales are accomplished through 3 divisions – United Centrifuges which sells and services products into domestic and international markets such as rendering, processing, bio-fuels, waste water treatment, and a diverse variety of other industries, United Oilfield Inc. which serves the North American petroleum market, and United International that introduces centrifuge products into foreign oilfield and petroleum markets.

United Centrifuges operates as a division of United Oilfield Inc.